Hydration plants

Hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) is the most widely used lime product. It has many applications in the construction industry as well as in different fields of chemistry and neutralisation of pollutants contained in liquid and gaseous effluents.

The continuous development of the use of hydrated lime in new and increasingly sophisticated fields of application has led lime producers to have to produce hydrated lime with increasingly strict specifications in terms of quality and narrower tolerance ranges.

Today, the chemical and physical characteristics required of the hydrate produced are significantly more limiting than those required by the main international standards.

For these reasons SIC has developed numerous experiences and researches both from a process and technological point of view.

The know-how that SIC has acquired enables it to offer its customers hydration ‘systems’ that represent the most advanced benchmark in this field.


Continuous weight dosage of lime to the hydrator with control loop on the silo extraction equipment.


First stage and second stage, in machines with higher output, with double counter-rotating shaft with variable speed.
Adjustable impact angle and pitch in all stages.
Fully insulated hydrator body.
Continuous humidity control by means of IR rays (residual humidity 1.5 %).
Dry dust suppression with bag filter (emissions < 20 mg/Nm3).
Reaction water preheating unit with vapours leaving the hydrator.
Water dosing over the entire length of the first stage.
Reaction water additives system. (For hydrates with high specific surface area).
Continuous electronic regulation of vacuum inside the hydrator.
Output from 1.5 T Ca(OH)2/h to 30 T Ca(OH)2/h

“HPS” air Separators

High degree of hydrate dispersion before sorting.
Continuous top cut adjustment.
Top cut adjustable from 15 to 110 microns.
High particle size stability and reduced percentage of finished product in the waste.
Absence of bucket elevators and screw conveyors.

“S” Micronising mills

Grinding circuit independent of the primary selection circuit.
Possibility of grinding scraps with a different grain size from the primary hydrate.
Possibility of grinding and selection of the product coming out of the hydrator with a single machine.
Low noise level.
Low power consumption.

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