Machines and equipment

Weighing Systems

Continuous weighing and batching system for powders and granular materials.

The system consists of a fixed-speed weighing screw that continuously measures the weight of the material being transported and a variable/adjustable flow rate storage hopper extraction system.

Capacities from 0.5 T/h to 40 T/h

Batch Weighing System for bulk minerals.

Particularly suitable for heavy-duty conditions and where there is a risk of high temperatures.

Batch sizes from 15 kg to 150 kg.

Weighing and micro-dosing system for powdery materials using loss-in-weight technology.

The system consists of a material collection hopper with incorporated screw, with dosing and crusher functions, all supported by a weighing frame with load dividers.

Capacity ranges from 15 kg/h to 150 kg/h.

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