Milk of Lime Plants

Plants for the production of milk of lime with controlled density, granulometry, temperature and purity values, in such a way as to be able to meet the most severe requirements imposed by the chemical plants that use it.

Continuous slaking, with a first selection screener for the elimination of the larger parts of the lime deposits contained in the lime used, protecting the machines downstream.

Purification of the lime milk produced with vibrating screens and hydro-cyclone batteries for the reduction of suspended materials to values below 50 microns.

Sand recoverers to improve plant efficiency and reduce the lime content of the rejected material.

Reduction of dust carried by the steam produced by the slaker by means of dynamic wet scrubbers.

Additivation of the reaction water to increase the specific surface area of the hydroxide.

Production of the slakers ranging from 0.5 T. CaO/h to 15 T. CaO/h at constant volume and with concentrations of milk of lime produced from 10 Bè to 20° up to 27 Bè at 20°.

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